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The Economics of a New Urban Planning Approach: Sustainable Cowork Centers
Downtown-centric urban systems are problematic. The annual economic losses due to congestion are estimated at $126 billion. Additionally these systems are associated with increased cost of living, reduced quality of life, labor market skill mismatches and environmental harm. Read more about the economics of a new urban planning approach designed to decongest downtown-centric urban systems. 
The relationship between a city’s segregation and its intergenerational income mobility
For policy makers and sociologists, segregation has long been a phenomenon of interest. As economists, we wanted to test the relevance of segregation for various economic measures using the recently published longitudinal dataset from the Opportunity Atlas project. Read more.
The State of Antitrust Regulation
As antitrust regulation increasingly factors into the 2020 election campaign, we wanted to share relevant facts on the background and current state of Antitrust regulation.
Read more.
The Economics of Rural Entrepreneurship in Texas
What can be done to improve the socioeconomic reality of rural America and Texas in particular? Read more.
Where are the Best Lawyers in Texas? A Yelp Review.
As we oftentimes work with members of the legal profession, we wonder how large cities compare in terms of the law firms across Texas. Read more.
Who's Loving It?
McDonald's and Starbucks both pride themselves on a uniform location and experience wherever you are. However, it looks like Americans have strongly different opinions on the quality of their local McDonald's and Starbucks. Read more.